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Get stuck). This is called obstructive nephropathy or a blockage. This is very serious because it prevents waste products that would normally be excreted via the bladder from being excreted, so they build up in the kidneys. This can cause acute kidney injury. Stones in.. Home Key Issues Kidney Stones Overview Kidney stones are stones formed from minerals which lodge in the kidneys. They may cause CKD, and they also increase the risk of kidney infections. If the cat's body attempts to pass them, they may get stuck in the.. The. Urinary Tract and Different Types of Urolith. I sometimes hear from people whose cats have another type of problem rather than kidney stones, so I shall start by trying to explain a bit more about the urinary tract and what sort of problems may.. Smaller stones, although painful, may be successfully passed, though it may take some time (one cat on Tanya's Support Group took fifteen months to pass a stone). Some stones may move into the ureter, then back into the kidney. This is less serious but may.. Diagnosis Blood Tests Your vet will probably run blood tests. If a cat's kidney values suddenly becomes extremely high, a kidney stone blocking the ureter may be the cause. A cat with active kidney stones may also have elevated phosphorus and potassium levels. Around 48..

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Stones may be visible on ultrasound, though this is not always the case. Bloodstones are often not visible on ultrasound. Ultrasonography in the diagnosis and management of cats with ureteral obstruction (2018) Lamb CR, Cortellini S Halfacree Z Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery 20(1).

Magnesium levels are often reduced in cat foods in order to reduce the risk of struvite crystals and Urolithiasis in small animals (2016) Brown SA Merck Veterinary Manual states "Common management schemes that involve feeding urine-acidifying diets with reduced magnesium have reduced the incidence of.

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