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839 but see 937 see also general list of dates for Monarchs of England 838 Norse establish permanent base at Dublin 844 Kenneth I MacAlpin, king of Scots, becomes King of Picts start of Scottish kingdom 865874 Danish army conquers north-eastern third of England 871.. He overcame all Britain save Kent alone Anglo-Saxon Chronicles 622 Muhammad's flight from Mecca marks the start of the Muslim calendar 642 Aug: Battle of Maserfield: Penda of Mercia defeats Oswald of Northumbria c650 Sutton Hoo ship-burial 651 St Aidan dies 655 Nov: Battle of.. Useful dates in British history for the local historian or genealogist. with a few others added in for good measure! Send additions/corrections/comments please to John Owen Smith My thanks to major contributors, who are acknowledged. Please note disclaimer at end Frith's postcard dating list Historical.. BC44 Mar 15: Caesar assassinated in Rome. BC27 Jan 16: The title Augustus bestowed upon Gaius Julius Caesar. Octavian BC/AD Since the Romans had no zero, there was no year AD0 (see AD525 ) AD43 Roman Conquest of Britain begun by Emperor Claudius Camulodunum (Colchester).. BC3952 Mar 18: The beginning of Creation, as calculated by the Venerable Bede (673 735) BC551 Birth of Confucius BC490. Battle of Marathon BC240 First recorded sighting of Halley's comet. BC55 Aug 27: Caesar's first British expedition (second in BC54) BC49 Jan 10 (of the..

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In battle 900) 891 Beginning of Anglo-Saxon Chronicle marks revival of learning in England 899 Oct 26: Death of King Alfred the Great (some say 901 succeeded by Edward (the Elder) 917921 Edward of Wessex conquers southern half of Danelaw with the help of his.

Their war-leaders were two brothers, Hengist and Horsa first of all they killed and drove away the king's enemies, then later they turned on the king and the British mid-450s, destroying through fire and the sword's edge.' Anglo-Saxon Chronicles 467 Chinese observe Halley's comet c490.

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