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Trekkers in particular will appreciate the following Alexa commands: "Alexa, beam me up." "Alexa, set phasers to kill." "Alexa. Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.". The Star Trek references are the tip of the iceberg. Alexa will respond to several classic Star Wars quot;s (and she'll maintain.. Without it, the. Amazon Echo would be a less successful voice platform - after all, no one likes talking to a stuffy, out-of-touch know-it-all. To that end, Alexa's cloud-powered smarts are packed with Easter eggs, and Amazon's seemingly adding in new ones every day. Here.. If you're a fan of "The Big Bang Theory she'll even take you on in a game of rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock. "Alexa, initiate self-destruct sequence." Chris Monroe/CNET Alexa's oddly fond of any piece of science-fiction that depicts artificial intelligence gone awry. That includes.. Ask her how babies are made, and she'll stammer out an awkward reply instructing you to try asking Mommy or Daddy. Alexa also has a handle on the types of scientific questions you'd hope she'd be familiar with. Ask her about the laws of robotics..

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And don't worry. If you ever start to fear that Alexa might be getting too powerful for her own good, you can always ask her to initiate the self-destruct sequence. It's not just sci-fi, though. Try out any of the following film references, and Alexa.

Some of my favorites are Alexa's Monty Python references. You can, for instance, ask her for the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow, and then follow up by asking how she knows so much about swallows. Or, you could cut right to the chase and.

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